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Big-data expert system designed to continuously monitor
the mobile traffic of the Operator (CDRs) to detect and get rid of fraud in real-time.

Detect & get rid of fraud
SIMBuster includes the following features so MNOs may monitor, analyze, control
and block SIMBox, SIMBox International, PBX bypass and refiling fraud.
Traffic monitoring
In a couple of weeks, FraudBuster delivers highly valuable results such as : Which types of fraud are currently happening? What is the cost of fraud on a monthly basis? What is the business model of the fraudster? How to optimize your efforts against fraud?
Massive blocking
The SIMBuster is able to block multiple SIM cards at once, quickly destroying the capacity of the fraudster to terminate traffic.
CDR Analysis
All network events (call, SMS…) are submitted to a battery of tests right after they occur to ensure fraudulent SIM cards are detected before they reach their profitability point.
Control Layer
The Control Layer is an undetectable Test Calls solution, integrated within the SIMBuster: any hit that was not previously caught by the core profiling analysis will trigger the update or creation of detection rules. Combining multiple detection methods, FraudBuster guarantees no SIMbox or grey route is undetected.
Performing & scalable platform
Operated as a managed solution, SIMBuster relies on powerful detection rules that are permanently
updated by our team of Fraud Analysts to offer a flexible and performing platform.
Detection rules


The SIMBuster detection module allows for rules to be created or updated at any time to counter the new tricks that fraudsters may use.



SIMBuster detects fraud after only 18min of traffic on average (and less than 60 min guaranteed by SLA).


SIMBuster guarantees the same level of service to operators from 150k to 160M subscribers without sacrificing performance.



It is usually less than 0.1% false positives. FraudBuster guarantees less than 1%.


FraudBuster contractually guarantees the results of our antifraud service. The ROI for MNOs is usually achieved in less than 3 months.


Regular reporting

Fraud Analysts daily support MNOs in their fight against fraudsters. They will be responsible for delivering detailed detection reporting on a monthly and yearly basis. Backed by fraud Analysts, they will inform, alert about trends in fraud and about how to respond properly to these.

Regular reporting
Efficiency & results

Unique online Interface

Customers can get unique insights on the traffic trends on their network and follow up on the progress made through MyFraudBuster, a dedicated online interface. From the interface, MNOs are offered views on fraudulent, official traffic and on SIMBuster service performance. Mobile Network Operators may reach:

  • Volumes of Incoming International Traffic
  • Volumes of Prejudicial Bypass Traffic
  • Number of detected cards per Type
  • Voice & SMS fraud.
  • Speed of Detection (MoU)
  • And some others
Customer Interface
Free trial

Fast ROI

FraudBuster offers to demonstrate the performance of the SIMBuster with a free POC.

Fast ROI
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