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for mobile network operators

Protecting your network, securing your revenue

Need help getting rid of voice bypass fraud?
FraudProtect is a real-time fraud detection service for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) operated as a managed service. Based on a Big Data expert system that continuously monitors the mobile traffic (CDRs), it detects and reports fraudulent activities to eliminate most Voice Bypass frauds, such as SIMbox or refiling.
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Need help detecting data fraud and OTT usage?
Spotter is a versatile solution that allows the implementation of data traffic management and fraud detection scenarios for Regulators and Operators, from OTT bypass elimination, VoIP App usage statistics to Free-browsing Fraud detection.
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Bypass Fraud technique

What is SIMbox fraud?

SIMbox fraud (or bypass) is the activity of redirecting
international incoming traffic through a telecommunication
equipment called a SIMbox (composed of SIM cards and
mobile gateways, or antennas), capable of terminating calls
on local mobile networks.

Bypass Fraud is responsible for major financial prejudice to
Mobile Operators and governments, with millions of dollars
escaping official revenues and taxation every year.

In addition to large financial prejudice SIMbox traffic causes
quality and security threats as it abuses the Operator’s
network resources.

About us

People of integrity

Integrity : FraudBuster relies on committed people acting the ethical way. We help Mobile Network Operators to fight fraudsters by bringing innovative solutions to the market.

Innovation : Pioneer, risk takers, up to 50% of our profit is invested in R&D.

Teamwork : Our key factor to success. We believe in achieving successes by developing close relationships with operators.

Diversity : With 12 different nationalities within our walls we
are international deployment ready.

In figures

deployments around the world
Full countries Deployments
Million fraudulent SIM Detected in 2019
French Engineer technologies
Around The World
Our headquarter is based in Europe,
Our offices in Africa, Asia
and South America
Supporting the best
Latest News

Our people would recommend FraudBuster

We are happy to announce we obtained the label “HappyIndex®AtWork 2020”!

Virtual meetings @FASG 2020

From Setptember the 22nd until the 24th we will be partner of the GSMA fraud and Security Group. Our specialists are available for a quick chat or a formal (virtual) meeting to discuss your antifraud projects.

The lockdown Interview

Vincent Revol, General Manager, explains how FraudBuster handles the current sanitarian crisis in the lockdown interview.
FraudBuster is an active GSMA, RAG and ITU Member.
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