• How much do you spend against fraud?
    For sure a lot of money:
    - for the development of your own internal tools,
    - for third party solutions, such as pure Test Calls or Location Tracking,
    - etc.
  • Do you really think fraud can't be eradicated?
    Most of our customers used to consider fraud as unavoidable. Some kind of pebble in the shoe.
    They now know they were wrong.
  • So why don't you get a SIMBuster ?
    - Unprecedented efficiency
    - Immediate results
    - Price based on success

The only Antifraud Solutions for mobile and fixed operators that commit on results.

What is SIMbox Fraud?

SIMbox fraud (or bypass) is the activity of redirecting international incoming traffic through a telecommunication equipment called a SIMbox (composed of SIM cards and mobile gateways, or antennas), capable of terminating calls on local mobile networks.

Bypass Fraud is responsible for major financial prejudice to Mobile Operators and governments, with millions of dollars escaping official revenues and taxation every year.

In addition to large financial prejudice SIMbox traffic causes quality and security threats as it abuses the Operator’s network resources.



FraudBuster designs and operates innovative antifraud solutions for telecom operators.