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by Cyrille Billon

FraudBuster introduces MyFraudBuster, the last release of its Customer Interface

Discover MyFraudBuster

FraudBuster, leading bypass fraud detection service provider, is glad to announce MyFraudBuster, the latest release of its online Customer Interface. MyFraudBuster comes with brand new features to enrich the existing and unique traffic monitoring reports, and now includes International Traffic monitoring.

Unique insights on fraudulent and official traffic

MyFraudBuster offers Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) an in-depth and always up-to-date data on traffic and SIMBuster service performance:

Unique views on Fraud

  • Volumes of Incoming International Traffic
  • Volumes of Prejudicial Bypass Traffic
  • Volumes of SIMbox traffic by nature, source and destination (On-Net, Off-Net, Roaming, International)

Detection Performance

  • Number of detected cards per Type
  • Speed of Detection (MoU)

Voice and SMS Fraud

MyFraudBuster now adds views on the fraudulent SMS Traffic (SIMbox, plans abuse, etc.)

The Customer Interface

International Voice Traffic

MyFraudBuster now provides the recorded Volumes of International Voice Traffic (Incoming and Outgoing) for all partner countries. Fraud Managers can now monitor trends independently, with data updated daily:

  • Heat Map for Incoming and Outgoing Traffic
  • Top 5 Destinations and Origins
  • Detailed statistics for all partner countries: Volumes and Number of Call

Enhanced management of the technical environment

Operators can get a view on the technical performance of their own system for easier maintenance and troubleshooting:

  • CDR processing: monitor the flow of CDRs, a vital element of the solution,
  • Split values between fixed and mobile MSCs: optimize the troubleshooting speed on your network elements, and get a view per MSC, per type.
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