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Clearing house

Real-time anti-fraud and traffic management exchange platform.
It aims at increasing dramatically the off-net detection capacities
of the SIMBuster and reducing the prejudice for MNOs.

Any SIMBox card detected on an Operator’s Network (On-Net) is reported immediately
to the other operators of the country (Off-Net). Provided, of course, that the Off-Net Operators are also clients of
FraudBuster and that the detected card was “active” on the Off-Net network (at least one CDR was generated).

Off-Net Detections reporting in Real-Time between all deployed operators within a country.
A lower value for the overall Off- Net MoU@detection
Full visibility on the SIMBox Volumes
Network protection in case of barring issues on the other operator’s network
Proactive identification of SIMBox behavior change: new masking, etc.
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