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International calls on local interconnetion

Refiling (or Re-origination) is a type of Bypass Fraud that consists in terminating international calls through
a local interconnection (or dedicated trunk) of the destination Operator.

Refiling fraud route

Hard to catch

Refiling Fraud is extremely elusive. FraudProtect uses an approach combining the advanced SIM profiling features of the SIMBuster, undetectable Test Calls with the Control Layer and matching of traffic volumes with TrafficChecker.

FraudProtect is a long-term protection to guaranty bypass fraud doesn’t come back and performs against refiling fraud.

refiling fraud
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ROI guaranteed

The service offers a level of protection which relies on performance only. The result of FraudBuster antifraud services are guaranteed by contract and driven by with SLAs. On average, MNOs reach Return On Investments (ROI) in 3 months.

Fast ROI
Our support

Experts at your service

FraudProtect is provided as a Managed Service, supported by our teams of experts. MNOs benefit from technical, pre-sale and dedicated customer service all along their project from software setup, logistics, fraud blocking process activation and detection rules updates.

FraudProtect comes with the support of dedicated Account Managers that will help Operators get the most out of the service. They will be responsible for delivering detailed detection reporting on a monthly and yearly basis. Backed by fraud Analysts, they will inform, alert about trends in fraud and about how to respond properly to these.

FraudBuster team
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Advanced reporting Interface

FraudBuster Customers have access to MyFraudBuster, a dedicated online portal to check the details of traffic and fraud on their network. FraudBuster provides a unique level of details, with always up-to-date figures on traffic volumes by fraud types, performance tracking and progress measurement.

Customer Interface
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