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Spotter is an all-in-one service for Operators to take control over OTT usage on their network, from simple monitoring to monetization.

Spotter is designed to detect, quantify and control the usage of the
main OTT VoIP protocols on the Operator’s network by continuously monitoring its IP traffic.
In particular, Spotter detects and blocks OTT bypass fraud in real time, resulting in the
recovery of international incoming traffic.

Monitoring and Quantifying

  • Count of number of calls by subscriber
  • Count of MoU (Minutes of Usage) by Protocol and by subscriber
  • Count of active users by Protocol

Traffic Control

Blocking of OTT bypass calls




Generation of OTT calls CDRs

Build custom offers by regional or usage segments

Capture OTT usage

By default, Spotter captures the usage of OTTs on the mobile network (3G, 4G, etc.) of the operator.
The range of action can be improved by adding broadband/DSL traffic to the monitoring
to include the domestic or office usage of OTTs.

Spotter can handle the most used apps. New apps support is added regularly


Handle OTT apps

FraudBuster monitors the trends and usage of OTTs globally to guarantee that the next popular app and protocol is included in the scope of service of Spotter.


Future proof illustration
Adaptable architecture

DPI as a service

Spotter is based on a dedicated platform combining in-house proprietary software and DPI
(Deep Packet Inspection) probes that analyze the IP traffic.

The system architecture comes with 2 options:
Pass-through mode

Probes tap on the IP link and have direct action on the traffic.

Spotter pass-through mode
Replication mode

Probes are put in replication on the network and operate in passive mode: any action on the traffic is done by the sending of a message to the operator’s equipment

Spotter Replication mode

All the required hardware (Spotter platform, probes, network cables, accessories)
are provided by FraudBuster. The hardware and software maintenance and supervision
are entirely done remotely by FraudBuster.

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