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Open Friday is the new R&D!

When fraudster’s techniques evolve (which is all the time), our Fraud Analysts adapt their Detection Rules with no delay to maintain pressure. But what about our IT, in the background? Our detection capabilities and performance depend tightly on technology. FraudBuster is a hybrid company: Antifraud Services AND Software Development. And our Service only gets better as our Code and Technology allow our antifraud algorithms to do more, faster.

Rise of the machine

For the best of the last 10 years, Developers at FraudBuster have been releasing new versions, updates of the solution they develop to fight fraud all over the world.

Saying that most of FraudBuster’s knowledge relies on years of capitalization in its own software solution would be true but not quite. Women and men are responsible for its evolution.

Therefore, keeping our staff “updated” is a central focus at FraudBuster. That’s why we launched dedicated and regular training slots a year ago: the “Open Fridays”. 

Human after all   

We must keep up with evolutions in development languages and techniques.

FraudBuster technical staff can devote Friday afternoons to develop their skills. Individually or in teams, they work on side projects that will have an impact on FraudBuster’s solution.

Half of the team, comprising developers, system administrors and production engineers have already stepped into this initiative. Interesting and valuable projects are promoted both internally and externally, both in the form of code or through training of other staff members on the acquired knowledge.

Recently, a first release was published on GitHub. Through an opensource project, our team developed an automated VPN creation tool called the “StrongSwan Formula”. An important step and contribution to FraudBuster before many other to come.

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