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SIMBox detection reaches a new level

FraudBuster is proud to announce the next version of the SIMBuster. Our SIMBox fraud detection service arrives with the promise of enhanced detection times and even better precision.

The SIMBuster is an expert system designed to detect SIMBOX fraud in near real-time. It monitors the mobile traffic of the Operator (CDRs) and applies powerful detection rules that are permanently updated by our Analysts.

What is it about?

For the past 10 years, our Fraud Experts and Engineers have worked to build the most efficient fraud detection system. Above all they have been adding frequent updates to the software and permanent updates of the Detection Rules.

In this new version, FraudBuster is updating the core logic of the SIMBuster detection engine to include criteria and filters that were previously unexploited. This is an almost entirely new way of looking at SIM profiling. It allows faster detection times (MoU) and even less False Positives (currently below 0,1% in average).

Release in January 2020

You thought we were fast? Hold on to your seat, we are about to prove once again why we are the leader in SIMbox fraud detection!

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