FraudBuster RAG conferences Johannesburg

Proud sponsor

We are proud we attend the next Risk and Assurance Group (RAG) conferences Johannesburg on October, the 1st and second 2019.

At FraudBuster, we’ve been designing and delivering bypass antifraud solutions for 10 years. In order to help mobile telcos and keep providing them with state of the art bypass fraud detection solutions, we partnered with the Risk and Assurance Group.

Meet our crew on October 1-2, 2019

Such a partnership feels to us like a number one priority in order to deliver latest insights about SIMbox fraudulent activities over the world.

As such, we will be in Johannesburg and discuss about different fraud related topics. Among them, trends African Fraud, wholesale fraud and Wangiri…

Hope to meet you there! If not already booked, get in touch with us to arrange a meeting.