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FraudBuster is proud to announce that the SIMBuster version 3 is now being used, which allows to perform real-time detection on network with more than 20 Million subscribers. This is a new record for a real-time heuristic detection software.

Mobile network around the world are in a constant growth in terms of services and customers. We believe that our technical improvement is fundamental to prepare the future and give appropriate answers to all operators tomorrow. This is why our company is in a constant research and development process, both on the raw performance and efficient detection subjects.

The first SIMBuster version was able to perform real-time detection on 2 Million users netwoks. The second version of the SIMBuster engine pushed this limit to 5 Million. The third version, in its actual state, is able to process more than 500 Million events by day and then perform detection on network with 20 Million users, with no particular extra hardware.

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