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FraudBuster is proud to announce that it has recently signed a global agreement for all operators in a western Africa country.

The agreement includes a full deployment of SIMBuster© and TrafficChecker© antifraud solutions as well as side services, such as technical help to read and interpret data. FraudBuster will perform antifraud services with a commitment to results, and is in charge of deploying and operating the services.

All possible fraud types are to be monitored, detected and eradicated, such as :
-SIMBoxes and GSM gateways on all mobile networks
-Call reorigination and misconfigured equipments leading to call injection
-IRSF and Premium abuses

This new deployment shows the strength and the flexibility of FraudBuster solutions, that are ready to adapt to a whole country, with seamless integration and zero-effort for the local operators.

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