Who is FraudBuster?


FraudBuster is a France-based company with representatives in Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America. FraudBuster edits and distributes the SIMBuster platform, designed to detect and eradicate the major types of telecom frauds. FraudBuster also provides consultancy, as long as it talks about fraud fighting.


FraudBuster was founded after considering the poor efficiency of current antifraud solutions based on call «tracking». First deployment of SIMBuster took place in Eastern Europe, in a country where many call tracking solutions were used to detect SIMBox. Indeed many SIMBox were detected, but at the same time fraud was still growing. A SIMBuster platform was deployed and it took just a few days for the SIMBuster to eradicate more than 80% of the fraud. And no SIMBox activity has been reported for a long time now !


FraudBuster‘s first commitment is to offer the best antifraud solution available on the market. This is made possible thanks to the expertise in IT of FraudBuster’s engineers, and thanks to a permanent technology watch regarding the current tools and software available for fraudsters.